Clinic Management Software | Cloud-based Clinic Software for Practice Management - medeClinic
medeClinic helps you redefine how you manage your practice. Switch over to the hassle-free, fast, efficient and inexpensive means to clinic management and treat your patients to a whole new level of customer service with our unrivalled product features.
Appointment Scheduler
A centralised online appointment booking system that gives you complete control of and visibility into your schedule.
  • Schedule/reschedule/cancel patient appointments
  • Add/ edit patient details
  • View appointments for the day or for the month/ upcoming months
  • Schedule appointments for multiple doctors and multiple clinic locations
  • Receive notifications on all scheduled/cancelled appointments
  • Easily access schedule of all entities of linked clinics/doctors
Patient Care and Loyalty
Making your patients feel special and taken care of; helping you deliver better patient care.
  • Send out timely appointment reminders by e-mail and SMS to both doctors and patients
  • Easily manage online patient health records
  • Greet patients on birthdays, anniversaries or other festive occasions
  • Share important health information/tips with patients using any of the pre-defined newsletter templates
Patient Health Records
Accessibility. Accuracy. Intuitive user interface. Everything that makes online PHR in medeClinic special.
  • Access detailed Patient Health Records (PHR) 24/7 - available to both patients and doctors
  • Keep patient information and treatment history up-to-date
  • Availability of PHR to multiple doctors treating the same patient
Multiple Location Management
Helping doctors who manage multiple practice locations/ clinics.
  • Organize schedules across multiple clinics and keep them up-to-date.
  • Access and manage patient records from multiple clinics
  • Easy to find and use relevant information from multiple locations
Real Time Analytics
Build and grow your practice with powerful analytics. Our easy-to-use reporting tools are aimed at removing the guesswork out of budgeting, forecasting and decision making.
  • Enabling you to be in complete control with critical information and reports.
  • Get detailed metrics such as new patients acquired; repeat patient visits, etc.
  • Generate and review reports in multiple formats with easy to read charts and graphs
  • Keep close track of the clinic's administrative workflow
Specialty-specific Configuration
  • Custom menu for different specialties including conditions, drugs, and diagnostics
  • Makes medeClinic suitable for any doctor or any specialist clinic
Hassle-free set up
Get started in matter of minutes - being cloud based, application requires no installation! Complete your profile and consulting schedule and you are ready to go. medeClinic auto-configures the system with specialty-specific defaults. What's more, the system is supported for customization, should you need any!
Safe & Secured Data with single click back up
  • Hosted on the most secure and reliable infrastructure
  • Back up your data with a single click
Quick & Easy Billing & Expense Management
  • Eliminates need for separate billing software
  • Easily Customizable
  • Maintain system of weekly/monthly/yearly patient billing and clinic expense statements.
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